When it comes to formulation, we can take your recipe, ingredients and make them to your specification. We cannot offer Research and Development however using our long experience of the drinks industry, we can work with you and our recommended and well-renowned flavour houses to help develop distinctive and appealing products to meet a particular, customer brief.


Our canning line has state of the art packers offering multi packs in board or film packing 4 pack, 6 pack, 8 pack, 10 pack and 12 pack. Tray and film can be offered in printed or plain formats 12 and 24 pack.

Our system is capable of handling all types of liquid beverages, including energy drinks, soft drinks, beer, cider and RTD’s and offers the ultimate fl exibility in number of cans in a case from 12 to 24 cans. We can do multipacks 4/6/8/10 & 12 and can sizes 15cl, 25cl, 33cl.

Sleek and Standard 33cl, 44cl, 50cl. We use pre-printed cans so we can offer a range of print effects, standard good quality printing to High Quality Printing (HQP) to provide shelf stand out and luxury look can be offered on any can size.