They are small text files sent to your computer’s browser when you visit a website to help make it work, or work efficiently.

They may be used for authentication, security, to provide insights, to provide information about how users interact with a site, or to track the performance of services.

You can find information about deleting and controlling cookies at: www.aboutcookies.org and www.allaboutcookies.org

You can instruct your browser (look for cookies information on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.) to refuse or block cookies. You should be aware that doing this may affect the functionality of the website.

Name - Universal Analytics , What it is used forDurationMore information

Name - _ga , What it is used for - to distinguish users, Duration  2 years

Name - _gid , What it is used for - to distinguish users, Duration  24 hours

Name - _gat , What it is used for - to throttle the request rate, Duration  1 minute

Name - Cookies used by Squarespace, our chosen web publishing company,  More information

Name - ss_cvt , What it is used for - to track use of website, Duration 30 minutes

Name - ss_cid , What it is used for - to identify a unique user, Duration 2 years

Name - ss_cvr , What it is used for - to track use of website, Duration 2 years

Name - ss_cpvisit, What it is used for - to track use of website, Duration 2 years

Name - ss_cvisit , What it is used for - to identify user session, Duration 30 minutes

Name - ss_cookieAllowed , What it is used for - Confirms that user has seen cookie message and allowed cookies, Duration 1 month

Name - crumb, What it is used for - identifies user’s computer for duration of visit, Duration expires when you end browsing session



Cookies used by Vimeo, the company we use to enable our videos to work on our websites. To see what the Vimeo cookies are used for see Vimeo’s description here:

Information on Vimeo cookie Categories, namely:

  1. Essential cookies
  2. Analytics cookies
  3. Preference cookies
  4. Ad targeting cookies

Vimeo Cookies and Duration

_gads , 2 years

_qca , 1 year

_ssid , 12 years

_utma , 2 years

_utmz , 6 months

_ceg.s , 3 months

_ceg.u , 3 months

_ga , 2 years

_gac.UA-76641-8 , 3 months

has_logged_in , 10 years

has_uploaded , 10 years

is_logged_in , 10 years

optimizelyBuckets , 10 years

optimizelyEndUserId , 10 years

optimizelySegments , 10 years

player , 1 year

site_settings , 58 years

stats_end_date , 10 years

stats_start_date , 10 years

vimeo , 1 month

vuid , 2 years